Sunday, July 14, 2024

About The Crimson Post

Our Mission

The Crimson Post aims to serve as an alternative, independent, and wholly student-led news outlet on campus. We wish to create a forum for diverse and differing viewpoints and to promote the ideals of free expression, liberty, and the principles that make America free and prosperous. We strive to hold individuals and institutions that affect the lives of students accountable and to accurately inform Indiana University students and other university stakeholders on campus, local, and national news topics. We hope to provide thought-provoking and unique analysis of events, stories, and issues. And lastly, we desire to provide an outlet for students who may otherwise be unable to make their voice and opinion heard.

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The Masthead

Editor-in-Chief | Kyle Reynolds

Managing Editor | Armando Bracco

Opinion Editor | Michael Schnoll

Treasurer | Alice Lopera

Marketing Director | Kaleb W

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